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Hi! Nice to meet you....

Let me start by saying that I am so beyond greatful for every one of you reading this! I cant believe how this page is growing. I realize that alot of you are new and I though a get to know us would be fun!

My name is Caitlin Miller, I am the owner of Cait's Coop. I am a first generation farmer/ homesteader, hopefully to be followed by my daughter Kailee Mae. Previously I was a preschool teacher and eventualy moved into a managment role. I have alwaysed loved working with kids and educating! If you asked my close friends they may describe me as a little crunchy. Im always the one with the pack of seaweed or odd snack and I never have shoes on. I seem to be naturally drawn in to the homesteading, self sufficiant lifestyle. I am always up for learning about something new. Canning, sourdough, beekeeping, animal husbandry, butchering, gardening, herbs, soaps, cut flowers, you name it. I like to know where my food comes from, what it ate, how it was grown. I never wear shoes in my garden. I dont feel any guilt or sadness on butcher days. I know they had an amazing life, the best food , and they were loved. I am always greatful.

When I post I do use we alot. My husband Marc is my muscle and behind the scenes man! We bought our property ten years ago and have been working to add to it each year. I give him boatloads of creidt when it comes to anything grown here. We are on a mountain side and we grow rocks better than anyone else we know! While workling with your partner has its own set of chalanges, I couldnt imagin my life any other way. We have been together since 2008 if your reading this in 2023 yes that 15 years! CRAZY!!! He Runs a tree service, a saw mill, and helps me around the farm.

In 2019 we welcomedmy daughter Kailee Maeinto the world after several years of trying. She is our mini me in everyway! we are so glad she gets to live such a hands on life here at our farm.

My big goal for 2024 is to create a space for you guys on our farm. We are working on a farm store here on the property where you can see everything we have to offer when you pick up. While we have always offered pick up here at the farm a self serve roadside stand is another thing im considering. Another crazy goal I have for 2024 is to offer a farm visit ending in a U-pick at our dahlia patch for a small group. Ill keep you posted and as always thank you for being here!!!!!

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