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Available Breeds

  • Olive Egger

  • Crested Cream Leg Bar

  • Standard Cochins

  • Bantam Bearded Silkies

  • Bantam Bearded Buff Laced Polish

  • Bourbon Red Turkey

  • Guinea Keet

  • Jumbo & Celedon Quail

Are Chicks available? 

Chicks are available for each breed of bird we have here on the farm! (as long as eggs are available to hatch) I hatch all chicks here on the farm from our own breeding stock! Chicks can be picked up or shipped.


I am NPIP 51-506. Chicks will ship in boxes specially designed for shipping them safely. Newly hatched birds need to stay warm, because of this there is a minimum of 6 to ship. ALL chicks will ship with grow gel and clean wood shavings. A 72 hour heat pack can also be purchased if necessary

Simply shoot me an email and let me know what your looking for. Your free to mix and match to meet the minimum (6 chicks) if they are available. 

Please keep in mind because I am not a hatchery, some orders may require hatch time.

How do I purchase chicks?

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