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About Us

My name is Caitlin Miller. I am the Owner of Cait's Coop.  We are a small, all natural farm located in Smithsburg, Maryland. We are NPIP 51-560. My husband and I have owned our property since 2012. Homesteading and living reasonably sustainably, have always been something we've felt strongly about.  We are striving to be "beyond Organic" as Joel Salatin of Polyface farm would say! I am a firm believer in putting in what you want to get out, not only your life but your land. Along with raising animals, gardening, canning, and butchering are year round tasks here! 

My goal is to inspire. If I can do it, you can do it! There is something so fufilling and meaningful about this life style. There are no rules, it is what you make it into. I think thats amazing! A lot of the things we are doing I learned along the way. Joel Salatin was my first inspiration. I thought wow... I think I can do that. Then when Justin Rhodes went on the "Great American Farm Tour" that was it. I wanted it all!  I think the best way to learn is from others who are doing the thing you want to do. Listen to the mistakes they made and what they have learned. 


Each year our small farm grows a little more. I started out with a few chickens and one beautifully built coop, selling hatching eggs and a few chicks. Now even tho we have scaled up and offer so much more I have held on to the name because I am still the small business taking time to personally answer any question you have. 


Its safe to say that we now have a little bit of everything on our farm. We breed and sell a variety of poultry. Currently we have Copper Marans, Olive Eggers, and Bearded Buff Laced Polish.  We also offer bearded silkies and starndard Cochins.  We raise Bourbon Red Turkeys. They are a beautiful large, hearty, heritage breed. We have Coturnix Quail which are very easy to raise and great for eating! KuneKune pigs are an exciting new addition to our farm! They are a docile heritage breed and I have wanted them for years! They are a pastured pork and a great addition to any small homestead. We also have several small potbelly pigs and to help maintain our large pen we have several dairy goats. They were bottle raised and extremely sweet! Honey bees are a fairly new addition to our farm as well. 

We have several large gardens. Each year we grow everything from tomatoes to potatoes. Some areas are for our perennials like asparagus and horseradish. Several herb and berry patches can be found around our property. Lavender is something we look forward to every year. Our small orchard provides delicious fresh fruits for pies and jellies! Beautiful flower gardens not only have provide us with fresh cut flowers, but feed our bees as well. 

If your in the area stop by for a visit! 

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