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5 Gardening tips to help you LOVE your garden!

Tip # 1

  • Grow mostly food you already eat! If gardening isn't your favorite don't spend extra time weeding or watering crops you won't eat or are going to just give away. Grow things you enjoy eating! There is nothing better than a cherry tomato warm from the sun!

Tip # 2

  • Get you kids and spouse involved! Give your kids a space in the garden where they can dig, trim, pick at any time, and pull things out of the dirt. Take wine or snacks and a radio out with you. Spend 15-20 minutes in the garden. Remember there are no rules get dirty and make memories.

Tip # 3

  • Pick weeds first then fruits and veggies! Pull a few weeds then pick a few veggies! its easy to garb and go! Weed a small area, even just around one plant before you grab veggies and head back inside.

Tip # 4

  • limit the space weeds have to grow. Remember mother nature is modest. She want to cover up anything bare, she does that with weeds usually. Take advantage of things you already have like cardboard, wood chips, or grass clippings for unplanted space like walkways. Do the same for around you plants. I'm not a fan of plastic landscaping fabric but its an option! we use wood chips that are on the older side to mulch around our plants. You will still have to pull a few weeds but not many!

Tip # 5

  • SHOW IT OFF!!! Show off that giant tomato! Take cut flowers you grew to your work and enjoy them around your house. Show off dinners you made with the stuff you grew! Share recipes that turned those green beans into your favorite new side dish! Be proud and inspire others!

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