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6+ Olive Egger Hatching, eggs are first through 4th generation. Chickens that hatch may be red, gray, black, or splash!My roos are French Black Cooper Marans. My hens are from pure Ameruacanas and are bred back to a Maran each generation. Each generation will lay eggs a hint darker. Fertility has been excellent! chicks may carry over traits from either breed. They may have fluffy cheecks or feathered feet.

6 f1-F3Olive Egger Hatching Eggs

  • Eggs are individually wrapped and packaged firmly qith the air cell up. I have had great success shipping eggs like this. I ship priority and will provide a trackibng number when your eggs are shipped. 


    Please note by purchasing these eggs you agree that there are no guarantees nor refunds. Unfortunately once the eggs leave my hands they are out of my control. However on my end I do my best and provide the freshest eggs! I am building my business on happy customers and great feedback!

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